Sheet, Rod, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Threaded rod
Excellent bearing properties, High impact strength and toughness, Low power factor requirements, High wear resistance, Very high sliding properties.
Applications: High load bearings, Wear pads, Support and guide wheels, Conveyor and Tension Rollers, Buffer pads, Gears etc.
ROD: Nylon rod comes in 3000 lengths, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, can get bigger on request
Ertalon 6SA: high mechanical & damping properties
Ertalon 66SA: Higher mechanical properties & better dimensional stability
Ertalon 6PLA: Monomer cast, similar propertiies to 66SA
Ertalon 6XAU+: Higher mechanical, wear and creep properties than 6PLA
Ertalon LXF: Self lubricating, increased wear resistance and reduced co-efficient of friction
Nylatron GS: High mechanical properties with MoS2 filler
Nylatron GSM: Mionomer cast with MoS2 filler
Nylatron 703XL: Internally lubricated cast nylon for special applications. tn2_RODS3tn2_threadedrod1